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It’s been fun…

March 10, 2010

Sometimes, you’re given an offer you just can’t refuse…

Yes, I would like fries with that.

Yes, I do want to make that drink a double.

Yes, I would like to to join the AMS Confidential team.

It’s been fun here. It’s going to be even more fun in the sparkle and glitter world.


GG ❤


To Blake…

November 28, 2009


I’ve been trying to rationalize what you’ve gone and done. I think I’ve got it, and I’ll lay it out here.

I’ll start with saying that I’m pissed off. I don’t know exactly why though. I can’t pin it down to just one thing you’ve fucked up. Notice how I say “you,” not the AMS as a whole. Had you and Tristan gone through with this whole debacle yourselves, I probably would have supported you from a far distance, while overall, laughing at the ridiculousness of you actually taking this up with the UN.

Even the TwitterMoms are making fun of UBC. That hurts.

One reason I’m mad is because you’re wasting my money. $3000 retainer, and many, many more legal fees to come. Gossip Guy won’t lie to you and say he’s a starving, sober student, but he doesn’t have extra money to throw away at shit like lawyer fees for your bloody fantastical pursuits. What do I pay to the AMS… $35? I’d really like that back. That’s 3 – 6 packs I could buy with that.

By association, you’ve also made a laughing stock of me, and UBC, in the media. It’s now clearer than ever that your views do not represent my views, nor the views of of the UBC community. You’ve dug us deeper into the sociopolitical black hole than we ever were before. I doubt the University administration is please about this whole situation. This definitely won’t improve the AMS’ relationship with them.

However, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. You’re an educated person. Tristan must be too, with his two degrees. You had to have been expecting this kind of public reaction to your UN complaint, which leads me to believe that you did this for the public reaction. The outrage and the outcry. You want more than 15% out voting in the AMS Elections, and you were willing to put yourself and your reputation on the line to get people involved. For this… for raising concern and getting people talking… Thank you Blake.

I’m excited to see if this will work. I have my doubts. There’s certainly no way that the UN will take this seriously, which led me to the aforementioned notion that this is all a publicity stunt. As long as people are dying in war, nobody is going to give a shit how much you pay for your higher education. Nobody forced you to come here and learn. Nobody forced Tristan to incur all of that debt. You can live without a University degree.

I see what you did, and I do *partially* agree with the idea, just not (at all. never. ever) the path you’ve taken. On Saturday, I hope Council votes your heiney out. You got people talking, and it worked; however, you’ve shamed the University, the AMS, and thousands of students that do not agree with your views. Give him the boot!

As of Saturday night, I hope you are no longer my elected representative, but I do hope you do not give up the fight. Yes, tuition fees suck, but they could be worse, and we need people like you, Blake, to make sure they don’t go all California on us.