UBC’s Balanced Budget

March 5, 2010

I got 6 emails from UBC related things yesterday. One of them, I actually read the entire way through. Including the attachment. Astounding, I know. What sort of information could possibly get me to read an entire email?

  • Love letter from Taylor Loren? I wish.
  • @bowtiebrian and @zeevp are now following me on Twitter? Hopefully soon.
  • UBC will have a balanced budget for the 2010-2011 year? Yes!! Clicky on to see a picture too!

Since it was addressed to the UBC Community, I’ll assume this email was sent to all 40 000+ people at UBC. How did people react to said email?

Wow GG Graphics Department… you’ve really outdone yourselves on that one.

Made it this far? Neat. What’s UBC planning for the next year? Well, who knows. The actual budget isn’t released for a little while longer. What I can tell you is:

  • $1.5 million to the Learning Exchange / Community Service Learning, which is great!
  • $6.1 million in new student aid funding
  • $19 million in “centrally funded activity” cuts. Comment if you know what that means.
  • Faculty budgets reduced by 2.5% across the board
    • In the next year, funding will also be determined by how many students the faculty actually has too.

The PDF sent out essentially said the budget would be balanced, and gave a few highlights. Seems like something that could have been blogged over on The Administration. (working link this time… thanks KK!)

As of late… I’ve also had a few inquiries about who I am. To clear things up:

  • Yes, I do enjoy being the big spoon.
  • I find glasses extremely sexy.
  • Yes, I am free on Saturday night.


  1. I cannot sum up my feelings for this in words, so I will use symbols and numbers:

    ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Gossip guy, I am not on twitter quite yet but I just followed your lead and blogged on UBC budget. It is Zee VP view, uncensored. http://blogs.ubc.ca/theadministration/

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